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YouTube Browse Features: Everything You Need To Know!

What Are YouTube Browse Features?

There are different traffic sources that can get views to your videos. YouTube Browse features are one of the most common sources of traffic. What can you do to trigger the YouTube algorithm to get more views from this traffic source?

According to YouTube’s definition, browse features mean the traffic coming from the Home page, subscription feed, watch later section and trending/explore section. When viewers arrive at their Home page, what do they do? They’re casual viewers who aren’t sure what they want to watch, and it matches the recommendations on that surface as well. Isn’t it interesting to know how the home screen chooses which videos to show? It’s not about your video or your channel. It’s all about the audience.

These are the videos from your previous viewing history, videos from channels you subscribe to, videos from new viewers, and videos that were popular with similar audiences.

As you know, that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is responsible for more than 60% of all the watch time on the platform. The majority of traffic comes from the homepage and suggested videos. YouTube SEO or YouTube search engine optimization can help you get new audiences. Also, this helps people to find relevant content when they are searching for keywords. Writing keyword rich descriptions and using relevant tags makes it easy for the algorithm to know what your video is about. This is very crucial for your channel to get the right viewers.

So, how can we trigger the YouTube browse features and the home page algorithm?

1. Your Subscribers

Your Subscribers are a big part of this. Subscribers usually find your new videos via Home rather than the subscriptions page. As a result, your subscribers are the ones who trigger the Home algorithm. You must provide a compelling cause for your followers to return to view your new videos. And how can you get them to watch your new videos in the first place? So you make more and more good videos that you know they’ll like. Don’t forget to increase the engagement in the comments section of your videos.

2. High Click Through Rates

YouTube CTR is influenced by both the title and the thumbnail. Create captivating video titles. Experiment with different thumbnail and title combinations.

3. High Audience Retention

YouTube wants users to spend a lot of time on their platform. This means more ads will be delivered and more money will be earned. So, if you can increase the amount of time your viewers spend watching your videos, YouTube will love that it and will suggest your videos to more and more interested audiences.

4. Good Hook

You want to develop a strong hook at the start of your video so that viewers are engaged within the first few seconds. YouTube will recommend your video to other viewers if you can keep 50% of your viewers engaged throughout the video.

5. Increase viewing session

You can also use cards and endscreens to link to related videos in a playlist. When users watch your videos one after another, the viewing session will be extended. The more time people spend watching your videos on YouTube, the more likely YouTube will promote them to more audiences.

To sum up, you should aim to maximize the traffic coming from the YouTube browse features to get more views and subscribers to your channel.

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