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Are You Looking For a YouTube Coach?

Do you need a YouTube coach? Many people dream of having popular and sought after YouTube channels. It’s an alluring prospect, but the current landscape of the platform causes numerous persons to quit. Getting a YouTube channel off the ground can be a frustrating experience. As more new channels are created, and as more people discover already established channels, the process gets even harder.

It’s not easy to gain a YouTube traction and get your channel going, but I’m here to tell you not to abandon your dream. I have grown my YouTube channel for years, and I’ve done the same for many satisfied clients. Therefore, I’ve developed a wealth of expertise to be able to identify what works and what doesn’t. What if I told you that with me as your YouTube coach, trial and error would no longer be necessary?

Growing Your YouTube Channel

There are smart ways to go about growing your YouTube channel, and working with an experienced YouTube coach can reveal the optimal path to you. It is sometimes incredibly difficult to believe in the possibilities when you are competing with people who already have massive audiences.

You may even have released a couple of videos up to this point with little to no fanfare. Maybe you have gotten to the point of wondering if the journey is worth it. It takes quite a bit of intestinal fortitude to keep going, and I commend you for choosing what can be one of the most rewarding career paths.

I don’t promise anyone instant results, as there is no way to guarantee that. However, my YouTube coaching methods can make your goal of being a recognized content creator much more comfortable and shorter. It took me years to learn the things I now know, and I don’t want you to go through the same thing. Many of those who have tried gave up because progress seemed impossible, and the odds were against them.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have me at their sides, which is where you have an advantage. Allow me to show you that YouTube content creation can be as internally fulfilling as it can be a lucrative source of income.

How Does a YouTube Coach Help You?

The greatest asset that a YouTube coach provides you with is expertise and a customized YouTube training. In my case, I’ve been doing viewer acquisition and video creation for over six years. This content spans a variety of B2B and B2C industries.

As a testament to my capabilities, I’ve earned the YouTube silver play button that creators get for having over 100,000 subscribers. Note that this isn’t an achievement that many YouTube coaches have.

So, how does my process work for you?

The idea is for me to evaluate where your channel is and to help you develop a plan to take it where you want it to be. This workflow involves assessing your channel’s performance and fully understanding where your passion lies with content creation.

As saturated as the YouTube market seems, there is much-untapped potential that remains elusive to even top-tier YouTubers. Even in immensely popular channel categories, there is room for you to increase engagement, views, and conversions.

To clarify, much of the YouTube formula is based on an algorithm. My YouTube coaching service is dedicated to assisting you to use this automated system to your benefit.

I’m here to help you take all the guesswork out of doing market research, YouTube SEO, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, niche targeting, etc. Though I can help you by making the whole process much less painful than it needs to be, you also need to be willing to listen and do what it takes to grow your channel.

I am elated, and I stand ready to be your YouTube coach, so that we can take your channel to the top together. All I ask in return is that you show up prepared to learn and ready to put the insights you get into practice. Whether it’s tags, thumbnails, search-friendly descriptions, video optimization, etc., be prepared to learn it all.

In conclusion, this whole process begins with an evaluation, which is where we initially discuss your needs. This comes in the form of a free consultation, and I’d like to invite you to schedule yours today. You deserve to enjoy the benefits of having a certified YouTube coach in your corner to learn the latest YouTube best practices.

YouTube Coach - Testimonials

YouTube Coach – Testimonials

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  1. For some reason, buttons such as Edit and other buttons do not show up on the screen.

    Are you able to log in take over my screen correct this and others problems?

    Cost per hour?

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  2. I am in a desperate last minute situation. Can you please help. I have a upload that is scheduled to play on 11/21/21 at 11:45a. When I click on the link now it gives this message on some devices, not my laptop:
    This video contains content from Mayup. It is not available in your country.

  3. My name is Tom Ward and I have a You Tube channel, The Tom Ward Show, where I interview the biggest creators in the world about their careers and the businesses they’ve built. t I’ve done Addison Rae, Emma Chamberlain, David Dobrik, Logan Paul, everyone.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing it for 4 years and I’m bored. I want to focus on more diverse groups.

    I still want to focus on business and entrepreneurship but with guests like successful entrepreneurs, artists who have successful businesses, athletes who have businesses, etc.

    I also want to talk about NFTs, crypto, web 3 etc.

    My current demo is women 18-24

    So, I’d be going after a totally different demo. I’m shooting for men 24-35. But not even sure if that’s the right demo.

    And I want to build a community. I made the mistake of just chasing views on my channel, but the problem was that the fan of the guest I was interviewing would come to my channel and watch the video and never come back.

    So, I need some help:) I’m doing a total rebrand and relaunch. Do you do this kind of strategy/setting up a plan/setting up benchmarks? I even need help with what thumbnail design I should use, what kind of banner, intro, etc.

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