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Create A Professional YouTube Channel Tips

How To Create Professional YouTube Channel

Check these nine YouTube channel tips to make sure that you are having a professional channel.

The first step to create a successful YouTube channel is to have a unique and branded channel. You can attract more audiences and grab their attention so that they subscribe to your channel and ultimately this will lead to more views.

I will show you how to create a professional and impressive YouTube channel that helps to deliver the message of what you channel is all about.

1. Use A Professional Channel Art or Banner

You can use Canva to create a channel art that represent your brand as this is the first thing to be noticed on your channel’s main page. YouTube recommends using an image of 2560×1440 pixels. I suggest that you use your main theme image with dimensions of 1546×423 pixels so that you banner is displayed right at all the devices (Computer, Mobile and tablet).

2. Add A YouTube Channel Icon or Logo

If you are having a brand logo or a logo for your service then customize it to have a high resolution picture of 800×800 pixels. You can use this icon to activate the branding watermark on the channel so as to increase your subscribers and views.

3. Try To Use A creative YouTube Channel Name

Provided that you don’t have a brand name, then it’s time to let the creative juices flow! Try to choose a name that is short, unique and can be memorized easily. Try your best to use a relevant name to give your audience a clue of what they should expect to watch on your channel. For Example: I used the name “NoSteroids” for my first channel to tell viewers that I’ll be talking about natural bodybuilding and I’m against using performance enhancing substances.

4. Write A Full YouTube Channel Description

A lot of YouTubers usually forget to write a comprehensive channel description although this can help your channel to be ranked for related keywords you use in the description box and will also help your viewers to know more about your content and how they can contact you. This is the place where you have to use relevant keywords, highlight what content you will be producing and everything that is important for your audiences. Don’t forget to add your website and social media links. This is one of the most forgotten YouTube channel tips.

5. Organize Your Channel By Adding Sections

If you want to attract more audiences and make their life much easier to browse your video content then you must organize your channel by adding relevant sections that include playlists, videos or channels. This will help to increase your watch time and help your viewers to discover more helpful information on your channel.

6. Add Featured Channels

You can add featured channels that have relevant content and treat other channels as your friends. This will build a good opportunity for a future communication and later mutually beneficial collaborations. This will help to get more views and subscribers and gain respect from the community.

7. Add A Channel Trailer

Create a short video talking about your channel giving reasons of why viewers should subscribe to your channel. Hook your potential audiences with a brief yet attractive introduction. Consider it as an effective sales pitch.

8. Create Branded YouTube Customized Thumbnails

In your branding efforts, it is very crucial to be consistent in each video you create on your channel. Thumbnails are a great tool to promote your channel and they will encourage your first visitors to watch your videos. You can use the thumbnail images to promote your videos on all social media.

9. Create Engaging And High Quality Video Content

If the production quality is low, nobody will keep watching your content even if the content is good enough. We are not talking about investing huge amount of money in a camera and lighting but it’s better to use a good editing program to create visually appealing videos that people want to watch and share with their friends.

In short, applying all these YouTube channel tips will enhance the appearance of your channel. This will pay off and will help you to build loyal audiences.

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