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How To Take Advantage Of The YouTube Community Tab To Engage Subscribers

YouTube Community Tab: This is What Professionals Do

Have you heard about the YouTube community tab? If you are looking for new ways to engage with your YouTube subscribers then read this article.

It allows you to post updates, share pictures, promote your business and create polls to interact with your subscribers and viewers. You need to have 1,000 subscribers to unlock this feature.

What are the best practices to use the community tab to Interact with your audience?

1. Gather Feedback By Using Polls

Polls are considered an easy and popular way to engage with your community and get them more involved in your channel. You can use pools to discuss other topics not related to your channel and of course you can ask your audiences what type of content they want to see.

2. Adjust Your Audience Expectations

On your first post, you can welcome your audience and tell them what they expect. It is the right place to tell them your plans and how they can engage with your content.

3. Remind Your Subscribers to Enable Notifications

You can ask them to click on the bell icon to be notified whenever you publish a new video or to know your recent channel updates.

4. Make Yourself More Interesting

Your followers always watch you while you are prepared. You shoot the videos, adjust lightning and do the video editing process. Why don’t you try to communicate with them in a nice informal way? Tell them about interesting stuff in your life.

5. Offer Them An Exclusive Content

Give your audience a good reason to check your recent updates in the YouTube community tab. Post content like images that people can’t find anywhere else.

6. Promote Your Products or Services

You can provide your YouTube subscribers an exclusive offer to one of your products or services. You can test your new idea or product with them. An example of an offer: Don’t miss our 10% early bird discount for December.

7. Your Next Video Teaser

Do you watch movie trailers? You can provide the same excitement to trigger your subscribers’ interest before publishing your new video. Besides, you can promote your best old videos to the new members of your community.

8. Give Shout Outs

You can show appreciation to people that support your channel (like top commenters, discussion starters or active subscribers that usually engage with your content) by giving them a shout out.

9. Plan a Q&A Session

You can ask your subscribers’ to leave questions in the comments section but don’t forget to inform them beforehand. If you are having a decent number of subscribers, you can have a huge engagement session with your community and maximize their participation by trying to solve their problems or provide them with helpful information.

10. Collaboration With Other YouTubers

If you are doing collaboration with another YouTube channel, you can use the community tab to tell your subscribers about interesting content that they create.

If you are following other channels, you can check their YouTube community tab to get some good inspiration for your own posts and see how viewers react to such posts.

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