Why aren't my YouTube videos getting views

Why Aren’t My YouTube Videos Getting Views

ِAsk The Expert: Why Aren’t My YouTube Videos Getting Views?

A lot of people are asking me “why aren’t my YouTube videos getting views”. There are a lot of reasons for that. I will share with you three main reasons and what should you do to get more views and grow your channel.

1. Videos have little to no value

Providing value is very important, if you want to be a successful YouTube content creator. Give your viewers a good reason to watch your videos. Why is somebody supposed to watch your video? You probably provide little to no value if you can’t answer this question, and you shouldn’t expect any progress in terms of views and engagements.

Try to find what value your audiences want. Create videos that answer questions about searchable, trending topics and provide good video content that your audience wants to watch.

2. Check your audience retention rate

If after just a few seconds, your viewers are leaving your videos even though your videos are a few minutes long, then you have an issue. If most of your audiences never stick to the end of the videos, then your audience retention rate is low. Unfortunately, this will have a bad and negative impact on your channel. As you know, YouTube’s algorithm likes videos that keep viewers on the platform for longer time and it favors high watch time. Also, if your viewers are not watching the main parts of your videos, then most probably they will not watch any other videos on your channel and they will go away and will not subscribe.

Use YouTube analytics to get useful information about your videos and check the retention rate. Try to investigate what is happening and identify the cause of your low retention rate. Check the key moments for audience retention like intros, spikes and dips.

3. Patience is the key

YouTube is not an overnight success. You have to be patient. Don’t expect a lot of results in short period of time. It not that easy, you have to put in some effort and time. It took me one year to get to thousand subscribers on my first channel. I suggest that you to watch my video about YouTube traction to adjust your expectations. Of course, there are some exceptions. Some people have created good content that went viral.

On YouTube, the growth scale is exponential. That means, at first, you can only get a few subscribers, but as your channel grows, things will start to move faster. Give yourself and your videos enough time to evaluate your work and look at progress over a longer period of time.

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