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6 Tips to Help You Grow Your Brand’s YouTube Channel

How To Use YouTube For Business Growth

I’m going to provide you with six tips to help you grow your YouTube Channel and how to use YouTube for business. When it comes to finding success on YouTube, it can be challenging to produce algorithm-friendly content that will attract more viewers and keep them watching. Here are six tips for optimizing your video content on YouTube to grow your subscribers

Tip #1 – Post Multiple Times a Week

Recent reports have uncovered that channels that post videos more than once a week are performing better than those who don’t and are receiving more recommended views. If you can, try posting a video three or more times a week to your channel. Keeping a regular schedule can quickly raise your channel in YouTube’s algorithm.

Tip #2 – Start Each Video with A Hook

The way you will hook viewers will depend on you and your content. If you have a video that shows a project, make sure you show the result at the beginning of your video. Providing viewers with a stunning result increases their interest in how you achieved it. Stories are another way to pique the interest of your viewers. When you start with a story, viewers will want to stick around to see how it ends.

Tip #3 – Keep Opening Credits and Titles Brief

People have short attention spans, so including a long title or credit sequence at the start of your video will cause viewers to lose interest. Long opening sequences also discourage binge watching because viewers don’t want to see the same long sequence over and over again. Instead, you want to make sure your opener isn’t longer than five seconds.

Tip #4 – Add End Screens

End screens are interactive elements in your video that link to your channel, other videos, or webpage. These can only be added in the last 20 seconds of a video, so you will need to plan where to place the end screens. End screens tend to work best when the on-screen presenter is still talking and providing information.

Tip #5 – Edit Out Distractions

Out of context talking, long pauses, and jumping from one subject to another, will have your viewers looking for more exciting videos. You want to keep the tangents to a minimum and avoid giving viewers reasons to click away. Companies usually use YouTube for business to give their clients good advice.

Tip #6 – Design Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails can make or break your YouTube success. Suggested videos are the leading source of organic traffic, which means that your video thumbnail needs to stand out when it appears in the suggested videos section of the platform.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, then you need to develop content that keeps your viewers and algorithm in mind. These top six tips will help you in creating engaging content that will grow your YouTube channel. Using YouTube for business is crucial for your marketing campaigns.

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