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Fastest Way To Create YouTube Videos

How To Create YouTube Videos Quickly

Do you know how to create YouTube videos faster? Video creation can be a time-consuming process. I have created more than 300 videos in the past 4 years and I managed to publish a video every week. I will share with you the process that facilitates and helps you to create more videos faster.

We need to upload videos to YouTube in a fast and effective way and of course provided that we are uploading good content. With the number of videos available online and with the highly challenging competition, how can you do that?

1. Have A Content Strategy

You cannot really create high impact videos quickly without a strategy and a content plan. You should know what you’re making so you won’t waste time, money and energy producing content that doesn’t hit the target. That is to say, your content strategy should include how you will answer your target audience’s questions and address their problems through your videos.

2. Find YouTube Video Topics

Perform a research online by using Google or YouTube to come up with related video topics. Always ask yourself these questions when doing the research:
– What are the hot and trending topics in your niche

– What problems your audiences are trying to solve

– What your viewers are searching for

Keep up with the topics that empower you and make you feel strong and knowledgeable, and your videos will be faster and quicker to create.

3. Keyword Research

Using the list of topic ideas, it will be a good idea to explore some keywords to solidify the topics and help you to write the proper titles, descriptions and tags.

4. Script Your YouTube Videos

I prefer to use a written script for my videos. You can create an outline for your videos to know what you will cover and to be able to deliver value in a concise way.

5. YouTube Video Production Tips

I usually record an average of 6 videos in one sitting. I have a dedicated space to shoot my videos and it take  me just few minutes to start the process. Decide where most of your content is to be recorded. So don’t think about how to stand, where to look, where to place your tripod, what light you need, whether you have to use a microphone, background, etc. To create YouTube videos quickly, you need to have a plan.

You can use some clues to help you in the editing process like some clapping or silence to know what parts that should be removed. I have B-rolls ready to be used for all my videos like the intro, outro and animations.

6. Create Thumbnail Templates

I have some Photoshop thumbnail templates that I use for my videos. You can change the template every few months to test if the click through rates will change or not. Likewise, you can also use some free online tools to create thumbnail templates like CANVA.

7. Schedule Your Videos Publishing Time

You can upload all the videos edited and ready to be published once. Above all, add all the titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails and schedule them to be published according to your plan.

8. YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

Don’t waste your time creating content and hoping one day someone will watch it. You should have a solid video marketing plan of how you are going to find your audiences online and what social media platforms you are going to share your videos on.

To sum up, if you want to be a video marketing machine, you should be committed to a schedule. If you want to create YouTube videos, you have to know that it takes time to be efficient as well as effective. You want to be good at time management.

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