drive traffic to YouTube channel

How To Drive Traffic To Your YouTube Channel

How to Drive Traffic to YouTube Channels

I’m going to share with you how to drive traffic to YouTube channel. While YouTube has become an excellent tool for businesses to promote their brand, the competition is getting tougher. Every day there are thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube, so the question becomes, how can your business stand out from the crowd and gain more views and subscribers?

If you have videos on YouTube, use these YouTube channel optimization tips to boost your traffic and video rankings on YouTube.

1 – Use YouTube Titles That Get Views

YouTube is right behind Google in terms of search engines. This means that the majority of people will find your videos through keywords. You want to learn how to title YouTube videos. One of the most significant factors in video placement for keywords is having them in your video title. So you want to make sure that you place keywords that are relevant into your video title.

2-  Use The Best Tags For YouTube Videos

The more keywords that you put in your videos, the more opportunities you have for people to find your video. For example, let’s say your video is about weight loss. If you only use the keyword “natural weight loss tips” as a tag, then your video may appear when that keyword is searched for, but if you add some related keywords, you can increase the chance for people to find your video. Using the “Tags” field correctly and adding as many relevant tags that you can think of will help you get more traffic to your channel. Always use long tail keywords which have considerable search volume and lower competition. You can use TubeBuddy or VidIQ plugins to help you find those keywords.

3 – Transcribe Your YouTube Videos

YouTube can somehow fetch the words that are spoken in videos, so for the time being, closed captions having your keywords are still a significant factor when it comes to video rankings. If you have a video, transcribe your words or use YouTube auto caption feature to get lots of SEO juice to increase your ranks. Don’t use the transcription into your video description field.

4 – Make your own thumbnails for YouTube videos

Use custom thumbnails for YouTube. Carefully choose your thumbnail to increase click through rates.

5- Get A Lot of Backlinks to Your Video

To make your video appear first on YouTube, external SEO is not only a great way to boost rankings for pages on your website, but it also plays a significant role in rankings of YouTube videos. When you have a lot of high authority websites directing links to your YouTube video, they will rank higher for their keywords, which will also boost visits to your site.

Every business wants to increase the traffic to their YouTube channel. With these five tips, you can drive traffic to YouTube channel, increase your videos views and expand your brand authority.

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