How To Increase YouTube Impressions

How To Increase YouTube Impressions and Grow Your Channel

How To Get More Impressions On YouTube

A lot of people are asking me how to increase YouTube impressions.  When you upload a video, YouTube algorithm starts to show the video to relevant audiences. There are a lot of factors that will help to show your video to interested audiences who are most likely watch your video. This is an ongoing process.

I’ve seen the analytics from hundreds of YouTube channels in different niches. I found that there are some common ways or signs that can help to increase YouTube impressions.

1. Improve Your Video Click Through Rate

Depending on your channel’s content, the impressions click-through rate is going to be different according to the audience and where on YouTube the impressions were shown. According to YouTube, the average impression / click through rate for videos and channels is in the range of 2% to 10%. To increase this percent, you need to create better titles and thumbnails. Try to avoid using clickbait titles or thumbnails as this will hurt your video’s audience retention. Consequently, this gives negative signals to YouTube algorithm. YouTube is going to show a video to relevant audiences if the video’s average view duration is relatively high (anything above 40% is good). The problem with clickbait videos is that they usually have low audience retention or average view duration and consequently it will not be promoted by YouTube.

2. Create More Video Content

Channels that are creating more videos are most likely to have more impressions as YouTube prefers new and consistent content. Try to find the top performing videos on your channel and create similar video content to those videos.

3. Increase Your Watch Time

You can add videos to end screens and cards to increase the watch time. Also, you can add relevant videos to playlists.

Don’t be misled by the low click through rates when there is an increase in the number of impressions. This means that your video is shown to more and more audiences.

If you checked your traffic sources, most probably you will find “YouTube search” is having relatively higher click-through rate than other sources because people that are searching have a greater intent to find an answer to their questions and watch videos. On the other hand, you will find the suggested videos may have higher impressions as the viewer is already interested in this type of content and may be interested to watch more. Channel pages can have lower click through rates as the video is shown to a bigger and less targeted audience. They will decide to watch the video based on the title or thumbnail.

In conclusion, using these ways will surely help you to know how to increase YouTube impressions and grow your channel faster. Please note that it is all about providing good content to the right audience.

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