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How To Use Storytelling To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Best Video Storytelling Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Video Storytelling Tips: how to tell a story through video?

When you follow a YouTube expert’s advice, you will know how important is to optimize your videos by using captivating titles, designing eye catching thumbnails, using the right tags and writing good descriptions. On top of that, we agreed that good content is what makes your channel stand out. Delivering interesting content by telling stories is one of the effective ways to build your audiences and grow your channel with more followers. In this article, we will show you how to use storytelling in your YouTube videos.

For many years, stories have been a fundamental communication method passing information from generation to another. Do you still remember your Grandma’s stories?

More than 90% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story.

How Can You Tell A Story?

Each story has three main elements. A hero, a problem he is facing and the solution to that problem. The first thing you need to do is to capture the attention of your audience by having a strong hook. The reason for that is you want them to know upfront what they will get by watching your video. So, the first element of the story is the hero which is what you know about your customer’s business. Then we move to the customer’s problem, and we end the story by solving the problem. If you want your story to be memorable, keep it simple. To craft a successful story, it should challenge, inspire, educate or emotionally engage your audiences. Some video types that you can create to tell a story is like when you showcase your expertise, explain a buzz around a topic, making how to videos and inspirational content.

Let’s check an example of a persuasive storytelling:

Happy Sweets is a small family-owned dessert shop. (Hero)

There are a lot of competitors out there and the owner of Happy Sweets didn’t find a profitable way to market his business online. (Customer problem).

He made a search online to find a digital marketing company that can help him. He found a company called Online Business Experts and he decided to give it a try. After few months of working with them, his business is now very profitable, and his shop is busier than ever. (Problem solved or Resolution)

How To Make A Storytelling Video?

Set goals for the video and know the video’s purpose.

Decide the core message you want your audience to remember.

Paint a picture with a visual storyline that capture’s your audience attention.

How To Make The Customer The Hero Of Your Story?

1. Know your customers’ needs

What will happen to their lives after using your product or services?

(They will be able to publish good content that brings in more views and subscribers)

2. Talk about the problems that they want to solve

(They are posting a lot of videos, and they are not seeing the results they want. Moreover, they don’t know how to grow their YouTube channels.)

3. Show them how you can solve their problems

(By working together, they will have a clear strategy to grow, and they will know what they are doing right and what need improvements.)

Video storytelling is a very powerful marketing tool as our brains are more active when listening to a story because different parts of the brain are needed to comprehend the message. If you apply these video storytelling tips,  you will have an effective and impactful video.

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