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Increase Your YouTube Video Click Through Rates With Titles

Write Good YouTube Titles to Increase Your YouTube CTR

How to improve your YouTube CTR? One of the most important aspects of your success on YouTube is the video headlines or titles you choose for the videos.

By investing the right time and making sure your headline is compelling, attentive and click-worthy, you can drive up your click through rates levels and ensure your video marketing is a success. Here are some important tricks and tips for those of you who are wondering where to start, in order to create the video titles that get clicks.

You have to consider some basic elements before you even begin to write a word about your video titles. You need to make sure that your video title is incredibly accurate and appeals to the audience with a sense of urgency. Once your potential viewer read the title, they need to know exactly what it’s going to be about. Then, they must be convinced to watch the video now, rather than save it to watch it later then forget about it.

How To Write Titles Like A Professional Copywriter?

In order to influence your viewers and make them click and watch your video, try to include the below copywriting hacks:

1) Benefits (Not Features)

Transform features into benefits and ensure you place the main feature in your title. Your headline is a marketing ad to convince the audiences that your video has the answers they want. When you give them interest in the headline, they’re going to click through, watch the video and consequently this will increase your YouTube CTR.

Example: 5 Tips to Win in Salary Negotiations

2) Different / Unique

Using specific reasoning to explain what the viewer gets from the video. Use words like lessons, reasons, ideas, ways and secrets.

Example: Top Reasons Why You Should Purchase PS5

3) The Word “you” or “Your”

Using the words “you” and “your” in titles is important because it indicates that the information conveyed in the video is directly relevant to the viewer.

Example: Your Christmas Fashion Guide

4) Numbers

Most people love lists and numbers! Combine a number with any of the tips mentioned, and you will be adding a powerful force in your headlines.

Example: 5 Shocking New Scientific Breakthroughs!

5) The Word “New”

The word “new” has the ability to attract and hold the prospective audience’s attention.

Example: New Ways To Make Money in 2020

6) Time (Now/today)

Using time factor is interesting because it suggests urgency and seriousness.

Example: 10 Financial Habits To Start Right Now

7) Emotion-evoking Words And Topics (Love/hate)

You can use emotional words to describe your viewer’s problem like amazing, shocking, incredible and essential.

Example: Amazing Tips To Fix Clothes

8) Hot Topics

Taking a hot or viral topic that everyone is talking about can increase your video’s viral power and improve your YouTube CTR.

9) Promise Of Success

There is nothing wrong with promising your viewers as long as you deliver. Be sure to add value to your target audience and fulfill all your promises. Promise something valuable to your viewer. Are you going to show them how to learn a new skill?  Or you’ll convince them to do something they never did before?

Example: Fast Solutions To Your Travel Problems

10) Using Questions

The viewers need to know something about the question in your title. You’ll lose them when you ask something they don’t care about. To be interesting, you have to connect the question to your main benefit.

Example: Stuff To Do With Your Dog On A Rainy Day

Creating a headline is not just a matter of chucking a few words together and hoping that people will click on your videos. There is a skill that needs to be learned. Take your time to write smart and effective headlines that let your audience click on your videos. Your goal is to combine catchy titles with SEO keywords to increase your YouTube CTR.

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