how to increase audience retention on YouTube

What Is Audience Retention And Why Should You Care

What is a good audience retention on YouTube?

Do you know how to increase audience retention on YouTube? I’ll tell you how to create interesting videos that are watched longer and help to boost your views and subscribers. Moreover, your videos will get promoted by YouTube.

Audience retention: it’s the metric used to measure if someone enjoys watching your video and it’s measured by the average percentage of your video that viewers watch. The more you keep you viewers long on the platform, the better your video will perform. You should aim for at least 50% audience retention. YouTube algorithm loves videos with high audience retention percentage.

How To Increase Audience Retention On YouTube?

1. Good Hook At The Beginning Of Your Videos

You want to hook your viewers in the first 15 seconds to draw their attention. You have to tell them what’s coming up in the video. I usually start my videos with a question like “Have you been posting regularly on YouTube, but you’re not getting the results you want?” So, I want to deliver the message that you have a problem and by watching this video you will know the solution.

2. Create Great Content

Try your best to deliver what you promised in the videos so that the title, the thumbnail and your first 15-30 seconds are having the same theme and they are not misleading in anyway. Don’t disappoint your viewers by providing bad or boring long content.

3. YouTube Intros

Intros are good for branding purposes but it’s preferred to be few seconds and placed right after the hook. A lot of people click off when they start watching a video that is having a long intro in the beginning.

4. Ask Questions

For example I’m asking you now, “What is the average audience retention of your channel?”
You can ask questions at any part of the video just to keep your audiences engaged. The more you keep your viewers engaged, the more they will watch your video till the end.

5. Make Jump Cuts And B-Rolls

You can stimulate the viewers’ experience and keep them interested by using jump cuts. B-rolls are snippets of animations or footage to help tell the story like a graph, a funny picture or a memes.

6. Using YouTube Cards

I noticed that a lot of my clients are placing cards in the very beginning of their videos which help to distract the attention of viewers. It’s preferred to put YouTube cards at the second part of your video or near to the end.

7. Study YouTube Analytics

You have to check regularly the audience retention graphs for your videos and see what point in your video people dropped off and learn what causes your viewers to abandon your videos at those points. Check also the relative audience retention which shows a video’s ability to keep viewers compared to all YouTube videos of similar length. You should aim for above average or high relative audience retention.

8. Change The Backgrounds of Your Videos

You can eliminate the boredom of your viewers and make your videos more interesting by changing the background every now and then. You can use different places to shoot your videos, change the backdrops or use green screens to add as many backgrounds as you can.

In short, you need to apply the previous 8 ways to maximize your audience retention on YouTube

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