best way to upload videos to youtube

What Is The Best Way To Upload Videos To YouTube?

How To Upload Videos to YouTube?

Discover the best way to upload videos to YouTube. There are 8 steps you can follow before you upload your new videos. Just follow the below hack stack and use it as a reference guide.

A lot of my clients don’t recognize the importance of these steps and how to put videos on YouTube.

1. Rename The Video Filename Before Uploading

It’s better to rename your video and put your main keyword in the filename. For example:
How To Find Your Niche Market.mp4

2. Video Title

Do your keyword research for SEO and try to find what people will use to search for your video like “How To Sell Anything To Anybody”.

Try to include the main keyword in the first 70 characters as YouTube will be showing the first 70 characters only and the rest of the title will be dots.

Don’t use clickbait titles or headlines that bring traffic when you are a small YouTuber. People may be disappointed with the content.

3. Captivating Thumbnails

You can use a lot of free online tools to create good thumbnails that people want to click.


4. Description

You should include your main keywords in the first few sentences as this will help your video to be found when people are searching on YouTube or Google. Write an average of 300-500 words, and this will allow you to use all the keywords related to your video. You have 5,000 characters in YouTube description section so be sure to use them wisely. Don’t forget to add all your links at the end of the description like your website link and all your social media platforms links. You can also add 3 hashtags that will be shown right above the video’s title when people are watching your videos.

5. Video Tags (YouTube SEO)

If you want your video to appear in YouTube or Google’s search results, then you should be able to use the right and the most relevant keywords in this section. You have 500 characters to write all your tags.

6. Share Your Video

The more your video is shared, the more this gives YouTube positive signals  to promote your video to more audiences. Share your video everywhere and on all social media platforms. Just don’t spam people.

7. Use End screen and Cards

This will help to increase your watch time.

8. Use Playlists

Organize your videos into a specific topics. Good Playlists can be found on search results too, so this will help to bring in more views and subscribers.


Apply the above steps and you will surely get the better result as the best way to upload videos to YouTube is not a complicated task.

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