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Have you thought of a YouTube channel audit? Having a successful YouTube channel is a badge of pride. It seems as if everyone is using the platform these days, and some content creators consistently get the formula right. Unfortunately, this principle doesn’t hold for everyone, and you may be stuck wondering what you are doing wrong in the YouTube sphere.

Your channel may not be growing at all, and even if it is, it’s pace maybe way too slow. This slump is a severe problem, especially if you are looking for YouTube to be a lucrative stream of revenue for your business. Low numbers of subscribers, views, and conversions don’t cut it. What do you need is some level of improvement, and getting there may not be as difficult as you think.

You should probably consider a YouTube channel audit. You can think of it as an evaluation of what you’re doing wrong. Once that is complete, the information collected is used along with verified YouTube strategies and measurable targets to get you going.

Though there are many areas in which an audit can help you to improve, there are five that stand out from the rest. I can guarantee you a comprehensive review process based on these principles.

Channel Branding

Branding is a much more critical part of content creation than many YouTubers realize. The strategy that you use and the thumbnails that you implement can make the difference between success or failure where the YouTube algorithm is concerned.

In completing an audit, I must review your channel branding choices. These areas include your thumbnail, your descriptions, your tags, links, upload settings, etc. The idea is to bring you to a place where your channel is represented with the most optimal brand image possible.

Once the process has ended, the search engine should be way more favorable to your content.

Channel Experience

Remember that your content is being created to appeal to your target audience. Therefore, if viewers consistently get the feeling that what you are uploading is not for them, views are going to be low. Your audience needs to perceive some level of value in your videos before you can grab their interest.

You live in a time when attention spans are shorter than ever, and people want as much information as possible before deciding on anything. To this end, many viewers tune out based on your opening remarks.

This area is where the flow of your videos and the effect on your viewers are explored.

Search and Discovery

As I mentioned before, the YouTube search algorithm is a vital part of the viewership puzzle. It’s based on Google technology, which means that it uses a comprehensive analysis of search terms on several levels. Apart from having an appropriate thumbnail, your channel must tick all the checkboxes to show up early in search results.

These components could include proper channel and video categorization, SEO optimization, title optimization, description tweaking, etc. The chances are that if your numbers aren’t as high as you’d like them to be, your channel isn’t showing up as much as is necessary for viewers. I’m here to remediate that problem so you can get as many eyes on your content as possible and know how to improve your YouTube channel.

Promotional Opportunities

Promotion is one area where many YouTube channels that are doing well otherwise tend to falter. No matter what concept you think of, the target audience can’t know about it unless the word gets out effectively. Of course, getting this done for a YouTube channel is not done through traditional means. For example, it could be a matter of cross-promotion and social links.

A part of my audit process is to see where you stand and to get you started with the best promotional opportunities and the best YouTube channel recommendations that you can use to bring your channel continued success.

Competitors Research

If you have successful competitors in any industry, the chances are that they are doing something right. You can use this tier advantage since their activities can both teach you lessons and illustrate where there is room for uniqueness.

Putting these and other principles into place allows you to achieve a better video optimization mix. The audit process is designed to study your competitors and put you ahead of them.

Why Wait?

If your videos are not performing as well as you’d like them to, you may need a YouTube channel audit. Take this opportunity to schedule a free consultation with me, so we can review your content creation needs and provide you with a full YouTube channel review.

YouTube Channel Audit - Testimonials

YouTube Channel Audit – Testimonials

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