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How to Create a Call to Action in Video Marketing that Really Work

How to Create a Video Call-To-Action that Converts

You have watched a lot of video marketing videos and definitely you found them fascinating, didn’t you?

A lot of them were clear, well produced and very insightful.

Did you notice what element did they fail to include in their video?

They didn’t include an effective call to action and that’s why they were wasting their time. You got the viewer excited about the fact that you can solve their problem, but you did not get around to letting the viewer know that they should sign up for your solution.

I will be sharing the steps that you should use to create video calls to action that really work.

Remember that a human brain makes sense of the world through stories. There are lots of data in the world, but the human brain doesn’t function well with raw data. This is where stories or case studies come in. You should start out with a case study, and walk the viewer through the story elements of the case study. This leads us to the benefits and you have to clearly identify them. Then you line up other solutions that apparently bring the same benefits.

Whatever the case may be you would find a weakness, a hole or inadequacy. You should find something missing.

Now that we know that the benefits we’re looking for, but other things don’t work for a number of reasons, a solution needs to be sought. At least one exception must be made to this. And that’s where you talk about your solution. You talk about how your solution leads to the product or service that you’re promoting succeeds where everybody else fails.

You should line up what’s wrong with the other competitors out there, and then you compare that with the strongest point of the service or product you are promoting. This is how you differentiate yourself and your solution. Then you create an emotional hook with all the benefits. Since the video begins and ends with focusing on benefits, then you can create an emotional connection between the action that they’re about to take and the benefits that they will get.

Wouldn’t YOU like to get the best price possible for your car? Don’t you deserve a better life than that?

An emotional hook must be there. And it has to be specifically linked to the benefits. The more you remind your audience of the benefits, the closer the relation between your approach and those benefits.

They develop a sense of emotional urgency and will make it easier for them to sign up to your offer.

It’s all about crafting effective video call to action with the right emotional blow.

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