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Video Marketing Secrets To Boost Your Revenues – Part 3

Video Marketing Tips

This is the third part of the secrets of video marketing that will help you to create successful marketing videos that will boost your revenues.

5: YouTube Video Optimization For Searches

Write full descriptions and add a unique title having good keywords that you want to be ranked for. Use relevant tags so that people can find your videos when they are searching on Google and YouTube. Enable embedding for your videos to increase the likelihood of receiving inbound links. And always remember this: If it has a box, YouTube needs you to fill it out in order to help you rank.

 6: Educate Your Customers

Try to create videos that teach your viewers something useful as those will be some of the best videos you’ll ever make. Your prospects and clients will love whether it’s to get a result they want, provide useful tips, or show them how to best use your service or product. People like short ‘how to’ videos that teach them what they want to know and when they want to know it. This of course means that you need to be found when they are searching for the information. To do that, make sure your video shows up in the appropriate SEO searches by doing the proper YouTube video optimizations.

 7: Create Brand Advocates For Your Business

Social proof is best done on your behalf by your clients. Testimonials are considered to be among the most effective video marketing strategies. For example, you can ask your clients to shoot themselves talking about how they use and love your services or products. Having some case studies is an excellent way to showcase your service or product while teaching your audience how to achieve the best result they want.

Your clients might want to tell good stories about their buying decision, what might have stopped them from buying, and why they went ahead and got your product. Next they might talk about what specific features they like, and the biggest benefits of using the product and their results of using the product. A good customer testimonial or case study can be worth thousands when it comes to converting leads into customers.

8: Don’t Forget To Add A Call To Action

Don’t forget to add a call to action at the end for any kind of video you’re making. You want to encourage your audiences to visit your website, go to a landing page to download a free report, check out a sales page or whatever. Just remember that your videos should be 90-95% good and engaging content and just 5-10% sales.

9: Use Video To Boost Landing Page Conversions

You’ll see an increase in your conversions on your landing page if you add a short video. You should introduce yourself quickly and let your audiences know what they’re getting when they subscribe to your email list. Make it fun and friendly for the viewer, and try to add a little humor.

Certainly, creating good video content isn’t hard. It’s somehow challenging to relax enough to simply be ourselves and give a helping hand to the viewer. In conclusion, video marketing is very crucial for any business.

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