how to get discovered on YouTube

How Do You Get Discovered On YouTube – How To Get Your YouTube Noticed

8 Ways To Get Noticed on YouTube

How To Get Discovered On YouTube? It’s getting harder and harder everyday to stand out and get your content discovered on YouTube. I’m going to show you eight tips on how to get noticed on YouTube to get more views and subscribers for your YouTube channel.

If you follow all the tips that I’m about to share with you, you will know how to stand out on YouTube and how to get your videos seen on YouTube.

1. Satisfy YouTube Needs

You have to create better videos that keep your audiences on the platform as much as you can. This is what YouTube is looking for. So, you have to bring value to people and give them a good reason to watch your videos to get discovered on YouTube. If you can keep people watching 50% of your content, (at least 50% audience retention), then YouTube is going to recommend and suggest more of your videos. If you accomplish this, YouTube is going to like your videos and will promote them to more people and that will help you to get more views and subscribers and people will be able to understand your brand.

2. Harmonious 3 Pillars

You have to attract the attention of people browsing YouTube. The first pillar starts with a captivating and eye catching thumbnail. The thumbnail goal is to let people click to watch your video or to read the title, which is the second pillar, to see if they are interested in your content or not. The third pillar brings us to the first few seconds of your video. Don’t take so much time welcoming people and don’t use intros before getting into your content.

3. Tease Your Video Content

Try to create interest in the first few seconds so that people are encouraged to watch the video till the end. You can ask a question when you start the video or use a funny approach to grab your audience attention. Another example: if you are creating educational content or how to videos, you can show them the end results in the very early beginning of the video then provide them with the steps how you get there. Once again, the thumbnail, the title and the first few seconds should be aligned to prevent your viewers from clicking away.

4. Be Unique And Different

Nobody will be interested to watch “Me Too” content. Be creative and try to find new ideas on how to attract your audiences with new concepts that nobody has done before. Of course, you have to do your own homework by doing a good research to know a lot about your niche. You will know then how to make better video content and how to be different on YouTube.

5. Create Shareable Content

Create content that is:

– Emotional and make your audience feel something.

– Trending or related to hot topics.

– Relatable content that viewer immediately feels connected to.

– Valuable and provide helpful tips and advice.

6. Brand Consistency

People should be able to recognize your brand whether they are on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. Your channel art or banner should match your thumbnails and your brand identity design. If you check my first channel, you will able to identify my videos when they appear on the suggested or recommended section while you are browsing YouTube.

7. Create A Blog Or A Website

You can have the best of both worlds. By writing articles or blog content around the topic that your channel represents, you can attract people that are searching on Google. You can also, embed your videos there so you satisfy the needs of people who want to read and those who want to watch videos. You can check my website at as an example.

8. Consistency On YouTube

You want to tell YouTube that you are bringing people back to the platform by posting regularly. Whether you are posting once a week, or more just keep the pace and this will ensure that YouTube will promote your content and you will have a long term success. This is the best way on how to make your YouTube channel popular.

To sum up, learning how to get discovered on YouTube and growing your channel is not an overnight success. Patience and consistency are what you need in order to take your channel to the next level.

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