ways to make money on youtube

How To Make Money On YouTube As A Small Channel

How To Make Money On YouTube

If you want to make YouTube your main source of income then read this article as I will tell you 6 different ways to make money on YouTube without ads even if you have a small YouTube channel.

YouTube Partner Program

This is the first idea that will pop up in your mind where you can earn good money by putting ads on your videos. Your channel must have a total of at least 4,000 hours watched in one year and at least thousand subscribers to meet YouTube’s monetization requirements.

You have to know the expression CPM which is Cost Per Mille or Cost per Thousand Impressions. Suppose that you get an average of $3 for every thousand views, this means that to earn $100, you should have more than 33,000 views. I work with clients who are making $700-$800 from Adsense only but on the other hand they are making thousands of dollars doing other things as we are going to explain shortly. YouTube ads are not the best way to earn money on YouTube.

1. Using Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

Affiliate marketing is recommending products or service to others and earn a commission. You have seen a lot of YouTubers doing unboxing videos or product reviews. They place a link in the description under the video and when someone clicks on the link and buys they earn a commission. There are a lot of good offers from Amazon and eBay.

2. Sell Your Services Or Products

If you are offering a good service or having an interesting product to sell then you can make a lot of money. You can use YouTube as a lead generating machine for your business. If you are an expert, a consultant, a speaker or a coach, you can be a service provider and that will be a good way to make big money. You can promote your online course, your training program or even sell your digital products (eBook or templates). Above all, this is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube.

3. Grow Your Email List

It is crucial that you have several contact points with your audience which gives you more chances to earn cash. You can send them to your email list or your Facebook group where you can offer them great service or products.

4. Sell Merchandise Online

A lot of YouTubers are selling branded T-shirts having their logo or cool artwork. You can sell a lot of gimmicks like hats and pens etc. You can use online websites like Merch by Amazon and Teespring.
Simply, you create a design and upload it to those sites  and when your viewers make a purchase then you get a commission.

5. Monetize Your Broadcasts (For Live Streamers)

You can use streamlabs.com to monetize your channel by using Merch, Donations, Media Share and other ways.

6. Crowdfunding Service (Patreon)

It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their patrons, or followers on a recurring basis or per work of art in return for rewards like early access to exclusive content.

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