Sub4Sub Online - Is Sub4Sub Allowed On YouTube

Is Sub4Sub allowed on YouTube?

What is sub4sub on YouTube?

Can you grow your YouTube channel using sub4sub?

Sub 4 sub is asking YouTubers to subscribe to each other’s channel or using third party services like sub4sub websites to do the subscribers exchange process.

The result you get is increasing in the number of subscribers. So this is perfect?

No, because you will get a lot of inactive subscribers with zero engagements and zero watch time for your videos. YouTube send notifications for subscribers and show your video in their feeds when you upload new videos and when those inactive subscribers never watch your videos, this tells YouTube that your video is not that good and accordingly your channel will get punished by YouTube algorithm which usually follows the viewer.

Sub for sub YouTube policy

There will always be no trust between people who do free sub4sub. They don’t know you or even then don’t care about the type of content you are creating. As a result, they will end up unsubscribing to your channel. They just run after vanity numbers which mean nothing. If you are having thousands of inactive subscribers and only few of them watch your videos. Is this what you are looking for? Your views will drop; your videos will not be ranked and will not be shown to a new audience. YouTube measures the view to subscriber ratios. And by that, you will be hurting your channel and you this will be a fast track to fail on YouTube and even may get your channel terminated. According to Google’s support page about Subscriber counts.

They regularly verify the legitimacy of the accounts and the actions you make on your YouTube channel.
Spam subscribers: Subscribers gained through artificial means, such as purchasing subscribers through a third party service will be removed.

Later, YouTube will actively remove all inactive subscribers from your channel and this will answer the question of why you lose a lot of subscribers overnight.

I have built my channel with hard work to more than 123K subscribers without doing a single sub4sub.

You always need real subscribers and people that are interested to watch your videos regularly. When someone clicks on the subscribe button this means that you have created a high quality content and they are interested to watch more of your videos.

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