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Using YouTube For Marketing Your Business – 8 Video Marketing Tips

The Power of YouTube For Marketing

Why one should consider YouTube for marketing their business? There are a lot of tools available to help you drive traffic to your website, offers or sales funnel to increase your conversions and improve your customer experience and accordingly increase both acquisition and retention. Video marketing can help you to convert traffic to build your email list or bring in more clients as it’s one of the popular and effective online marketing strategies. One of the fastest ways to attract the attention of your audiences is to use videos. Videos are better than written articles. Video engages audiences and enhances social communications.

YouTube is a good place to start. By having your own YouTube channel, you can publish videos and increase your followers and prospects that are interested in your business. You can position yourself as a leader and start building trust. Keep on providing unique value in your content and you will see exceptional results. Creating quality videos that people want to watch is very crucial to be successful on YouTube. There’s no need to rush things.

YouTube For Business

To be able to capitalize on the video marketing trend, there are some YouTube best practices for business and helpful tips to be considered:

1. How to do video marketing?
There is no need to do a high quality video professionally. Indeed, a more personal approach often works best. However, there are certain items your video needs to have. The video has to be of good quality in terms of sound, lightning and video editing. Break these rules, and your video marketing strategy will fail.

2. Ideally, your videos should not be longer than 3 minutes, and up to 8 minutes. More than this can have a negative impact as a lot of online viewers have short attention span so; it will be of no use to create very long videos. Most online videos should include a small introduction and few minutes of good content and that’s it. This is not the place to show them all what you offer or what you know, they’re going to pay for this in most cases. YouTube is the place you want to show them your expertise and offer them ways to help. Provide them a fast solution to some of their problems.

3. What are the different types of video content you can create that viewer will like and enjoy?
These are examples of engaging video content: culture videos, interviews, live streaming, testimonials, behind the scenes, product reviews, tutorials, presentations and webinars.

How Is Video Discovered on YouTube?

4. For your videos to be discovered, one of the best video marketing tips you need to know is to do a keyword research. Search out which keywords are used to find your product or service by potential clients. In the tags and title of your video, use these keywords. If you do that, it will allow your video to be ranked for those keywords in search engine results, which means that you will see more people and more visitors to your website if you did it correctly.

Keywords are usually divided and clustered according to the number of words in the search sentences. To clarify, the more words in a keyword phrase the easier for the term to be ranked, since the relative competition is generally less significant in that case. Targeting long tail keyword will give better results. Long tail keywords are like “video marketing guide“ and “YouTube features for business”.

Video Editing Tips

5. The audio has to be clear. The viewer will just click away if he doesn’t hear or understand what’s being said. Not only it will be an issue if the quality of the microphone is bad, but it’s also a question of what you say and how you say it. Does the whole video have background noise, pauses or mistakes like “um”s and “ahs”.

6. It is far better to replace sections of the video rather than to be nervous or not know what are you talking about and sound weird. After all, it’s all about personalizing the viewer’s experience and allowing them to know you, is it not much good if they do not like you?

All right, video quality is good: audio and conversation are simple, easily tracked and providing value.

What’s next?

7. Consistency is the name of the game for any kind of marketing. Don’t throw few videos up and then move on to another thing. Set an informative, well-designed video content consistently, and people will be interested to watch what you are saying. It’s quality rather than quantity that matters. It’s imperative to be consistent, but if your videos don’t really give your subscribers or viewers a value, they will just ‘change the channel’ and click off.

Give them something that can be of real benefit. Continuing to appeal to their emotions will achieve the engagement you are looking for. Don’t forget that people buy emotionally, then justify logically. Don’t rely on facts and logic only, whatever you sell its cold and don’t work. You should always provide some of the product feature and also use emotions to drive connection and awareness to provoke emotions.

8. You have to test whenever you are using marketing strategies. You should always make adjustments and split testing (only one thing at a time, to determine what caused the change) and see what modification gives the best results. It could be the title of the video that brings better results or maybe you want to see whether a shorter video works better, etc. This enables you to discover the proper mix and generate a high quality traffic pulling videos.

Video marketing is an essential marketing tool. Take the time to optimize your results and watch the benefits of using YouTube for marketing your business.

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