How To Grow Your YouTube Business Channel - YouTube For Small Business

How To Grow Your YouTube Business Channel: YouTube For Small Business

Why Your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the World after Google, the parent company. With more than 2 billion active users per month and more than 5 billion of videos watched daily you should use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business. That’s why you should focus on growing your YouTube business channel. From the first glance, you think that people use YouTube’s platform to watch funny videos, favorite music videos or follow famous influencers. It’s much more than that.

More than 60% of people prefer to watch videos on YouTube over T.V. channels. You noticed that a lot of brands are building their online presence on YouTube. Knowing that there are 300 hours of content are uploaded on YouTube per minute that makes it challenging to get your videos noticed with that much competition.

To be successful on YouTube as a small business or service based business, the process only works for those people who put in THE HARD WORK. Sometimes there is something that just unlocks everything, but usually it comes back to HARD, STEADY WORK OVER TIME & PATIENCE. YouTube results vary from one person to another and creating compelling, engaging and shareable video content are the keys to success. YouTube is a marathon and not a sprint. You can check the Number of YouTube Channels/Subscribers As of 2019 to know that there are millions of YouTube content creators out there. Growing a YouTube channel is not an overnight success!

If you are looking for effective steps and ways to grow your YouTube business channel and learn YouTube best practices, here are steps you need to follow to reach that goal:

1) Have a Mission

To start a YouTube channel, you need to have a definite goal and intent. Compared to other social media sites, it requires more time to develop YouTube sites, but understanding why you want to produce online content can assist you remain on line when situations do not seem to move forward. If you want to succeed, it’s essential that you understand your objective to start a YouTube channel.

2) Strong Brand

The combination of the name, logo and subject of your channel should be sufficient to communicate instantly and clearly what you are all about. This is essential because it implies that your audiences will subscribe to your channel depending on a single video clip that can assist you see much faster development and growth.

3) Create Quality Content

Your YouTube business channel’s most significant factor and the element that will give you the biggest achievement is your content. It’s like enhancing your fanbase on Facebook or your newspaper readership to grow your crowd on YouTube. With excellent and engaging content, it all begins. It’s important to note that if you want to expand your subscriber and fans on YouTube, your video content needs to be useful and enjoyable. If your content sucks, nobody can help you out.

4) Be Consistent

If you want to see continuous improvement in your YouTube channel, the most significant thing to do is to be steady and consistent with your uploads. An optimal plan to do this would be to produce fresh video content on a weekly basis (1-3 videos per week) and upload it without issue on schedule. People will therefore understand when to check in with your channel and they will have a motive to continue subscribing to your channel and keep watching your videos!

And of course you should stick to the plan not only in aspects of frequency, but also in aspects of the topics you’re talking about and quality content. Make sure to always provide content that add value to your brand and business.

5) Make Shorter Videos

Making shorter videos is another significant piece of advice. Especially in the very early beginning. This will assist you to be more coherent as described above, but it will also assist you to encourage more of your audiences to view your video content through the entire process. This is very crucial because the metric is taken very thoughtfully by YouTube. If people watch your videos till the end, it indicates they’re of high quality and that implies they’re going to show up higher in search results!

Later you can do longer videos once you get the traction and have a solid base of subscribers. Check How to get 100k YouTube Subscribers and the road to YouTube’s Silver Play Button Award post.

6) Optimize Your Video Descriptions and Titles

The best way to find your videos is to ensure that your titles and descriptions are optimized for SEO. Determine and include the finest and most relevant keywords appropriate to your business niche in your titles and descriptions. You also want to check at what presently works in your business and what are the highest rating videos and what they are writing there. After someone that has finished watching a video, your video will appear in the’ Related or Suggested Videos.’

This is an excellent chance to discover more, fresh followers and prospects, but it will only operate if the titles you are using are sufficiently attractive and engaging to increase the chance of having more click through rates. Always question yourself: if you are scrolling on the platform, would you click on that video, does it motivate your interest to know more?

When someone searches for a keyword on YouTube, the first three lines of your video description will occur. That being said, you have to be sure that you use the right description and include all appropriate keywords and information about what your video will provide. You need to write relevant description that has the search terms in your video’s first line to tell YouTube to show your video or not. However, don’t forget to put a link back to your website in the first few sentences so interested prospects can check your business services and what your company has to offer.

7) Use Vid  IQ and TubeBuddy for Your Video Tags

There are two online tools that can assist you with this method, TubeBuddy and VidIQ. This will assist and help to make your videos more discoverable. Both online tools will give you tags or keywords suggestions that you can enter into your video and right in the tags section under your video. This will help you to know the exact ranking of your videos and where they will appear of someone uses that tag. This is called YouTube SEO or search engine optimization.

8) Use How-To Videos to Teach Your Audience

People watch videos on YouTube to learn or to be amused. Think about your ability to educate your viewers and create videos around your products or services. So, instead of making the same classic videos showing your products or exchanging your expertise, why not produce How-To videos to assist and help to solve your audiences problems.

9) Use Call-to-Action in Your Videos

If you want to increase engagements with your audiences and grow your YouTube business channel, you should use call-to-actions in your videos .You can ask them to subscribe, use end cards at the end of the video or use subscribe icons during the editing process so that they are seamlessly fit into your video content.

10) Create Custom Links

You can add the branded watermark to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can also use the customized URL to increase your brand awareness, boost engagement and get more prospects. It’s always a good idea to test different call to actions and see the results.

11) Link Your Website or Blog

YouTube gives you the option to link your YouTube channel with your business page or blog. This helps to increase your business credibility and help your brand to appear in search results when someone is searching for relevant keywords. This means that you should also use related keywords in your channel tags section to help improve the visibility of the channel.

12) Create a Channel Trailer

YouTube lets you use a video as a welcome trailer for your channel. A welcome trailer doesn’t have to be long, but it is an excellent opportunity for you to let people know what your channel is about. It’s preferred to be like 1-2 minutes long and tell your audiences the reason why they should watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

13) Comment on Other Channels

Newly created YouTube channels are hard to find. Just do your homework and find channels that are providing the same content not necessarily your competitors. Watch their videos and leave a comment that has value so that when their audiences read your comments, they can click on your channel’s link and watch some of your content and they may turn to be your next loyal viewers or clients.

14) Collaborate with Other YouTubers

If you want to grow your YouTube audience, one of the best ways is to collaborate with other YouTubers. Luckily you don’t have to live near each other to accomplish this. You can both create videos and send them into file sharing websites to be combined into a virtual collaboration video. Collaborating with other YouTube channels is the best way to get your video in front of a massive number of new subscribers and viewers.

15) Stick With an Attractive Thumbnail Theme

The title and the thumbnails are two of the most important factors that triggers YouTube algorithm to get more views. Avoid simply selecting one of YouTube’s current thumbnails. They are not the good option out there. Your thumbnails are where your YouTube channel can be branded differently than other channels. You need to create stunning and captivating thumbnails that reflect your brand identity to increase your click through rates which should be anything above 5%. You can use Photoshop or GIMP or any other simple graphics editing tools or you can use online tools like CANVA to create good thumbnails that are to be clicked.

16) Ask people to FOLLOW you and SUBSCRIBE to your channel

If you’re not asking, you will not get the majority of your audiences to subscribe. This is considered one of the simple ways to grow your following.

17) Create An Integrated Marketing Campaign Across Social Media

You should promote all your published videos on all social media platforms to increase awareness and viewership and efficiently reach a wide range of audiences. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms to share your content on. You’re now exposed to different types of prospects and wider demographics that use different social media platforms.

18) Customize Your YouTube Business Channel

This is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand identity by using your logo, color palette, tone, and slogans to connect viewers to your business. With colors, images, links, relevant information, and more, you can customize your channel. Furthermore, when you set up a YouTube business channel, your viewers can subscribe and be notified whenever you upload a new video that helps to encourage repeat visits and loyal viewers.

19) Choose the Right Category

You can choose from 15 video categories when you upload your videos to YouTube. Selecting the right category helps your videos to appear in relevant searches and suggested videos.

20) Use Video Testimonials

This is a highly effective way of building confidence and credibility with people who may need that extra “nudge” to try out your product or service.  Let your customers do the talk. Many small businesses have had excellent outcomes by publishing client testimonial videos on YouTube. Video testimonials have a much greater impact than written testimonials.

21) Use YouTube Cards Effectively

YouTube earns money by selling ads. So, the more people are watching and engaged with your content, YouTube rewards your content and share it with bigger audiences as they have better opportunity to put different ads on all your videos. The more you keep viewers on the platform, the more YouTube is going to love your content as you increase the watch time. By adding the YouTube cards, at the precise stage where customers are presently falling off, you can attach extra suggested content. Although they may give up the video, customers will be drawn to your other videos and remain on the platform, improving the rating of your channel.

22) Outsource What You Can’t Do

If you don’t know how to edit videos, or you don’t have the tools you need to create high quality video content, or don’t have the time to manage your YouTube business channel, outsource the job to someone who does it. Consider recruiting someone to create and edit videos for you if you need fresh content and put them in once a week. Hiring a YouTube specialist can save you time, money and pain.

Growing your channel on YouTube doesn’t just imply doing some marketing and advertising tasks. You need to produce the best and the most engaging content you can and make sure it delivers value. It will take some time and hard work to grow your audience, but in the long run it will be worth the effort.

YouTube has become a powerful tool for small businesses. Following these steps can help you grow your YouTube channel and find success.

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