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6 Ways To Grow YouTube Subscribers

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers Explained

In this article we will continue the series of how to get more YouTube subscribers and I will share with you 6 ways to grow your YouTube subscribers.

How to increase subscribers on YouTube?

1. Find The Best Subreddits To Promote Your YouTube Videos

One of the best ways to promote your new videos is to use You have to find the best subreddits. Subreddit is a niche forum or a group of members sharing the same interests and talking about the same topics. You have to be social and helpful in those communities. If you are going to post videos only, most probably you will get banned. Redditors can easily judge you so you have to have a thick skin. You can drive a conversation and share your ideas to get the maximum benefits of this platform. You can find some subreddits links to start with in the links section below.

2. Use The Right Facebook Groups

Join the groups that fit your niche. You can search for (your keyword niche) + YouTube to find the relevant Facebook groups. Some groups allow you to share your content. It’s better to share your video in relevant situations like when someone is asking a question and you have the answer in one of your videos. I’ll share with you some good Facebook groups in the links below that can help to increase your views and get more YouTube subscribers.

3. Translate Your Popular YouTube Videos in New Languages

You don’t have to create new videos for other languages. Do you know that 80% of views are from outside the United States and about 75% of internet users are not using English language in their searches?

Once you have closed captions ready for your videos you can reach more target audiences by translating the captions into other popular languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and French. You can use automated translation services like Google Translate or you can hire a translator to do this task if you want more accuracy and better quality. Viewers can change the language of your videos when they click on the closed captions button.

4. Treat Your Audiences As Respected Guests

Welcome your visitors as if they are coming into your home. Organize your channel in good way so they can easily browse your channel and find what they are looking for. Using a professional channel art or a banner will help your first time viewers to know what your channel is about. Be sure to have a good video trailer to warm things up. You can start creating interesting playlists having your most popular videos and your recent uploads so people have a good chance to subscribe to your channel if they find your content is good.

5. Be Consistent With Your Upload Schedule To Increase Your Subscribers

Do you think someone will subscribe to your channel if they find one or two videos only? I guess not. By posting regularly, you give your audience a good reason to come back and subscribe to your channel. It takes time to build traction on YouTube and that’s why you have to be consistent. One of my clients was able to grow his channel from 245 subscribers into more than 5,000 subscribers by posting 3 videos per week. Always focus on one main topic and have passion for the video content you want to create.

6. Keep Producing Valuable Video Content

Analyze the data on your channel and find the best converting videos you have that brings in more subscribers. Keep creating content around those topics. On my channel, the top 15 videos accounts for 50% of my total channel’s views so by creating good content, you will have some videos that will hit the jackpot and will get you loads of subscribers fast. On the Studio Beta dashboard, you can find which videos that got you more subscribers by clicking on the Analytics menu then selecting the Audience tab. Then click See More and you will find the videos having the most subscribers.

I hope you will find these tips helpful in giving you advice on how to promote your channel and get more YouTube subscribers.



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