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How To Increase YouTube Views Tricks

4 Tips From The Pros About How To Increase YouTube Views

Follow these 4 steps to know how to increase YouTube views for your video content. Getting more views on YouTube is very challenging.  Therefore, you need to have a plan of effective steps to achieve your goals, if you are building a new YouTube channel.

How to reach more audience on YouTube?

1. Try Your Best To Be Active On YouTube

You can do this by watching other YouTube content creators videos that are similar to your niche. Share with them a constructive feedback. Build trust with audiences to deliver the message that you are an expert in your field. No need to spam. YouTube is a social media platform, so you have to be social and try to build a good community and positive relationship. This will help your chances of getting views to your channel and increase your subscribers base.

2. Use Pattern Interrupt Techniques

One of the effective ways to grab the attention of your viewers and help to increase the engagements rate as well as the watch time is using pattern interrupt. It’s is used in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and by applying this technique in your videos it will be a good way to break the boredom. You can use special effects, add music, change the camera’s angle, add relevant graphics, use animated text or video clips during the video creation process.

3. Enable Embedding Of YouTube Videos

You can increase your views on YouTube by enabling the embedding feature on your channel. This makes it easier for your audience to share your videos on their website or blog. After you upload your new video, open the advanced settings tab and scroll down till you find the Distribution options section. Check Allow Embedding and don’t forget to save. Once your viewers will click on the share button under your video, they will be able to use the Embed option.

4. Use YouTube Analytics To Optimize Your Videos’ Performance And Organic Reach

If you are not tracking the performance of your channel regularly then you will be missing the most effective way to maximize the views on YouTube. For example, on the New Studio Beta page, you can find very helpful information related to YouTube metrics in the following tabs:

Overview – Reach – Engagement – Audience.

  • You have to understand how powerful is the watch time which will determine the success of your videos.
  • Audience retention gives you a hint when your viewers leave. You can use cards right before this point to keep them watching other videos and stay on your channel.
  • Study the relation between the impressions and the Click-Through-Rates (CTR%). Having a high CTR% means that you are using good title and thumbnail that grab the attention of viewers on the platform to watch your videos.
  • Check you traffic sources and you will find what will be the best sources that you need to invest more time in for getting more views.
  • The audiences demographics allow you identify who are the people that are interested to watch your content. Their gender, age, top countries and others will help you to tailor your message to target those people for your marketing success.
  • The real time activity is very crucial to know the live performance of your videos after being published. Check for the spikes and try to know what happened there. Did you share the video on your Facebook page or on Twitter?
  • The more people that share your videos, the more your channel will be successful. You can view the number of shares over time, and where people shared your videos. This highlights the importance of sharing your video on all social media platforms. Tell your friends and colleagues about your new videos.
  • Monitor your subscriber’s growth. Watch closely the videos that are bringing you more subscribers to take advantage of them. On the other hand, if you are having some videos that make you lose subscribers then don’t create videos talking about those topics.

To sum up, I hope you’ll find these tips helpful to get more views and grow your channel.

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