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Why You’re Losing Subscribers On YouTube? YouTube is Removing Subscribers?

What you should know about losing subscribers on YouTube

Did you notice that whenever you upload a new video, some people unsubscribe from your channel?

Today I want to answer one of your questions about losing subscribers on YouTube and why your YouTube subscribers are gone:

Well, there are a lot of reasons of why this happened. Check them out:

1.YouTube Cleanup:

When you upload a new video, YouTube sends a notification to your active and inactive subscribers to see if they are interested to watch your new content. YouTube algorithm knows the history of your subscribers and some of them already have lost interest in your channel. YouTube promote your video to those inactive subscribers, and they simply unsubscribe. It’s a bad thing? No, actually it’s a good thing since YouTube algorithm hates inactive or dormant subscribers. Your percentage of active subscribers goes up and you have a healthier YouTube channel. You have a better chance to let YouTube promote your content to a new and more interested audience.

2.Your Content:

You are not born to impress everyone. Maybe you have changed your style or how you shoot your videos. Maybe some of your audiences are not interested to watch that niche or the videos you are producing anymore and they have new interests. So, they just leave.

3.Uploading Schedule:

You are not consistent in creating new content. You upload a video every week or every month and viewers want more. On the other hand, maybe you produce a lot of videos and your viewers get annoyed so they unsubscribe.

4.Closed Accounts:

This year I have lost more than 3,500 subscribers. About 10% of them are due to closed accounts which were either closed by the user or terminated by YouTube.

I have lost 12,363 subscribers. 1,515 out of them are closed accounts.


Losing subscribers on YouTube is not is not that bad as it may seem. Focus on create better content and you will be able to increase your YouTube subscribers.

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