how to get 100k subscribers on youtube

The Road to 100K YouTube Subscribers

How To Get 100k YouTube Subscribers

If you want to know how to grow your YouTube channel and how to get 100k YouTube subscribers, then you have come to the right place.

There is no secret recipe or formula to grow your YouTube subscribers. You need to have a plan. You just have to do many small things, and you have to do them right. Create your own brand and interesting story about yourself so the people instantly recognize you by your name and know what it’s about.

You should answer those questions: what makes you special and why should people watch your videos. You have to be unique and interesting to make people want to watch your videos from the start to the end and engage with your videos.

Even if you’re really good at optimizing your videos for the YouTube search algorithms and make eye catching thumbnails for your videos, this won’t make them subscribe to your channel if your content sucks.

YouTube is not an overnight success.

YouTube requires tons of patience. Patience and consistency are the key to success. Prepare to work on your channel for a long time at least a year and up-to 3 years. You need to have a system to keep adding quality content to your channel, otherwise you won’t get any results. Growth on YouTube will be very slow especially in the very beginning. YouTube growth is exponential and not linear.

YouTube growth hacks and how to grow your YouTube channel

1. YouTube posting schedule

The most important thing on YouTube is consistency in uploading videos. Also, the schedule of uploading videos on YouTube channel is very important since subscribers like to know when you’re going to upload a video to the channel. If you upload your videos on certain days, your subscribers will know about it and visit your channel and you will get more views. That is to say, you should aim to upload a video at least once per week. I have grown my YouTube channel to 100K subscribers with regular weekly video upload.

2. YouTube channel intro video or trailer

Create a video presentation of your channel that last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. The trailer should express your individuality and uniqueness of your brand and tell viewers why they should subscribe.

3. YouTube video titles

The videos titles are extremely important for the success of your YouTube channel which give a clear idea what your videos about. Your audience must be able to understand what your video subject is from its title. For new channels it’s not a good idea to use clickbait titles. For instance, when a viewer start to watch your video and leave away without retention, your video will be penalized by YouTube algorithm. You should name your video by searching keywords in order to increase the audience of your YouTube channel.

4. Create eye catching YouTube thumbnails

An attractive colorful thumbnail will greatly increase the number of views as well as a catchy title will greatly increase the impressions click-through rate on YouTube.

5. Write a good YouTube video description

Using description is like a mini blog. The more you write there, the better your video will get ranked. YouTube cannot watch and understand videos (especially on many languages if they don’t support the closed caption feature) so it collects information about your video and from tags too. It should include short paragraphs and also include search keywords.

6. YouTube SEO tips and finding the right YouTube tags for views

The process of optimizing your YouTube videos starts with researching keywords for your videos. There are some useful tools YouTube SEO tools out there that will help you to find the best tags for your YouTube videos like TubeBuddy and VidIQ. The goal of researching keywords is to put yourself in the shoes of your viewers and determine the words and phrases that they might use to look for content like yours.

7. Response to negative comments and positive comments

YouTube comments can be both a pain and a blessing. You can get a feedback and help understand how you can improve your channel. Consequently, when you have 100k YouTube subscribers, you will get a lot of comments. It’s important not to react to internet trolls. Keep posting videos in accordance with your schedule and ignore any negative comments. The best thing you can do is to the positive comments and warm your loyal subscribers. The more you are close to your audience, the more you will be successful on YouTube.

8. YouTube social media marketing

You have to promote your videos on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These networks play a huge role on the performance of your YouTube channel. When you get your videos shared as often as possible on social networks, the more views and subscribers you will gain.

9. Benefits of YouTube advertising

If you have some money aside and you want to grow your audience faster then you can use paid promotion to advertise your channel. Using proper targeting and interest, your video will be shown in YouTube search results and on suggested/recommended videos by YouTube.

10. Don’t buy YouTube subscribers or views

I find a lot of YouTubers posting jobs in freelancing platforms asking for 1,000 subscribers or 100k views in very short time. Please check the screenshots below. Above all, you have to be sure that this is considered a blackhat way to get views and subscribers and Google engineers are so smart that you will get caught and you risk your channel to be terminated.

It’s almost impossible to predict number of views or subscribers or to suggest linear numbers in certain time frame. There only two legitimate ways if you want to know how to increase YouTube views and subscribers, organically using successful marketing tactics and strategies and using paid ads. Nobody will be able to help you if your content is bad.

unrealistic youtube growth

11. Don’t use exchange YouTube subscribers services and sub 4 sub

Most importantly, it’s against YouTube’s terms of service and there will be no benefit when you increase you channel’s subscribers with audience that are not interested to watch your videos. They are dormant or fake subscribers and will not help you to grow your YouTube channel or increase your YouTube daily views.

My Success on YouTube was related to my strong commitment and the below success factors:

  • Create valuable professional information
  • Provide information dense content (3-5 minutes long)
  • Maintain high quality standards
  • My growth has exponentially risen

There are no shortcuts. Work hard, be patient, consistent and never give up. Results happen over time and not overnight.

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